The Wines

The goal of our wine list is to offer a varied selection of reasonably priced wines to complement the meal. When selecting wines for the wine list at Collage we look at several things:

The winemaker- while most winemakers can produce a good wine in a great vintage, the best winemakers produce excellent wines year in and year out. The region- each region has types of grapes that grow better there and make better wine. Each region also has a style that defines the region. Pinot Noirs from Oregon are quite different from those produced in Santa Barbara or in France. Napa Cabs have a different profile than those from other regions. We select wines that are true to their region in their characteristics.


The winery- good winemaking facilities, sound vineyard practices and sustainable farming are all important to us. Supporting small businesses like our own is also important. Bang for the Buck- good wine doesn't have to be expensive. At Collage we try to price our wines reasonably.


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Note: Our wine-by-the-glass is served in a
¼ liter decanter, or a little over 8 ounces